St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco School in Tallinn

Our school

The initiative to create a school was sparked by the senior priest and parishioners of the Church of the “Quick to Hearken” Icon of the Mother of God in Tallinn.

The idea is to create a school that has state accreditation and meets all the requirements of the Estonian education standard. In addition, the fundamentals of the Orthodox faith will be part of the curriculum.

If a school were imagined as a building, then quality education serves as its foundation, the healthy psychological climate constitutes the first floor, on top of which there is the Christian care for the soul of the child and its enlightenment.

We plan to begin by enrolling first-grade pupils and be able to offer a complete secondary education within 12 years. Our goal is to ensure that our curriculum and the quality of teaching not only meets the Estonian education standards but also exceeds them. The language of instruction will be Russian. Our school is not a commercial enterprise, and we will make every effort to keep tuition fees at the lowest possible level.

Our principles

The educational process in our school is based on the Christian worldview with its harmonious balance of mental and practical activities. A modern school, in addition to providing a high-quality education, should foster positive human relationships to create and maintain an environment that is favorable for creativity. This is the natural right of every student, family, and teacher.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum with elements of the classical school is a modern innovative education system that is based on the best, time-tested pedagogical traditions. Spiritual and moral education of children is combined with natural science and humanities education. We believe that a harmonious combination of traditional values and innovative technological processes as complementary aspects of social development is the key to a child’s comprehensive development.
In addition to the core subjects, God’s Law, English, and Estonian will be taught.
The right education system

  • develops a holistic worldview based on traditional cultural values
  • focuses on deep spirituality
  • is based on moral and family values
  • forms a positive creative perception and worldview
  • sets a life-affirming vector of child development

The principle of conformity to nature gives maximum attention to the psychological, developmental, and age-related characteristics of the child. The curriculum structured in accordance with this principle ensures that the child is capable of understanding everything that he is taught at school. With this approach, there is no need for parents to constantly help with homework.
Nature-conforming pedagogy is characterized by the following:

  • based on child’s life experience
  • takes into account the specificities of child’s perception at each age stage (visual and concrete thinking, ability to generalize and abstract)
  • clear task formulation, appropriate for the nature of child’s perception
  • systematic presentation of the material (new knowledge builds upon what has been taught before, reviewing and expanding it)
  • gradual complication (each methodical step toward mastering new material ensures complete understanding and maximum awareness)
  • ensuring that children are able to complete homework tasks independently

Children who are taught according to the principle of conformity to nature are not only able but also happy to learn; they naturally develop the “learning is easy and joyful” motivation and are able to complete all homework tasks independently.

Where we are now

The public survey conducted by the team behind this endeavor has confirmed the demand for our school. Over the past year, we held multiple meetings with officials, teachers, and school administrators. We have registered a legal entity SHANGHAI PÜHA JOHANNESE MTÜ (registration number 80577216), which will represent the school in the future. A brief overview of the real estate market was carried out, standard school projects were considered, and the main stages of further development were outlined. The information gathered at this preliminary stage was incorporated in a proposal for the school, which will soon be offered to private and legal entities to participate in its financing. At this stage, we are starting to raise funds for the development of the project. The funds will be used to cover fixed expenses arising in connection with operational activities: ongoing administrative work, administration of the school’s website, drafting and translating documents, seeking legal advice, etc. We will be grateful for any financial support. You can find the bank details of the school in the Contacts section.


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